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Destroyer of Sinew

A Destroyer of Sinew, a typical Destroyer.

The Destroyers are fiery, nearly mindless creatures who seek to clear the Depths of Tyria of all life.


Type Trophy
NA-icon-small 16 (25) Destroyer Spawn
Warrior-icon-small 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Bones
Warrior-icon-small 28 (30) Destroyer of Earth
Warrior-icon-small 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Flesh
Warrior-icon-small 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Sinew
Ranger-icon-small 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Deeds
Ranger-icon-small 10,24,28 (24,26,30) Destroyer of Hordes
Necromancer-icon-small 24,28 (26,30) Destroyer of Hope
Mesmer-icon-small 20,24,28 (26,26,30) Destroyer of Thoughts
Elementalist-icon-small 28 (30) Destroyer of Lives
Elementalist-icon-small 28 (30) Destroyer Tremor
Ritualist-icon-small 15,28 (25,30) Destroyer of Souls
Dervish-icon-small 28 (30) Destroyer of Compassion
Destroyer Core



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