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One of the Ancient Dragons. In Guild Wars 2, this dragon arises and blocks off passage to Elona in the south of the Crystal Desert.[Please give a reference lower down]


The location of this dragon is currently in the Grothmar Wardowns able to be seen due to it being half buried. The dragon is known as Kralkatorrik. First stirring in the Grothmar Wardowns, in the Charr Homelands, the dragon then flew south over the Charr territory of Ascalon and over the Blazeridge Mountains. It blackened and transformed anything that was in its flight path into a twisted caricature of its former self. Currently, it occupies the northern Crystal Desert, and is preventing movement into Elona for all except the Order of Whispers, who are somehow able to bypass the dragon.

Due to the northern half of the Crystal Desert being so close to the borders of the southern half of the Crystal Desert and the Desolation the dragon Kralkatorrik and the Undead Lord Palawa Joko are constantly fighting for control, this being another reason almost all contact has been cut off to Elona.

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