This page gives the locations of elite skills for the Dervish at a glance. There are 15 elite Dervish skills.

Earth Prayers

Ebon Dust Aura Ebon Dust Aura (Nightfall)

Vow of Strength Vow of Strength (Nightfall)


Arcane Zeal Arcane Zeal (Nightfall)

Avatar of Balthazar Avatar of Balthazar (Nightfall)

Avatar of Dwayna Avatar of Dwayna (Nightfall)

Avatar of Grenth Avatar of Grenth (Nightfall)

Avatar of Lyssa Avatar of Lyssa (Nightfall)

Avatar of Melandru Avatar of Melandru (Nightfall)

Pious Renewal Pious Renewal (Nightfall)

Vow of Silence Vow of Silence (Nightfall)

Scythe Mastery

Reaper's Sweep Reaper's Sweep (Nightfall)

Wounding Strike Wounding Strike (Nightfall)

Wind Prayers

Grenth's Grasp Grenth's Grasp (Nightfall)

Onslaught Onslaught (Nightfall)

Zealous Vow Zealous Vow (Nightfall)

Elite skill locations

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