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Depths of Madness

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Depths of Madness
Depths of Madness
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Realm of Torment
Abaddon's Gate, Gate of Madness
Depths of Madness map
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General Information

Area Name: Depths of Madness

Region: Realm of Torment

You can only enter this area using the Abaddon's Gate (location) exit, but once inside the Depths of Madness, you can exit to the Gate of Madness which is located on the far Northeast corner of the map.

The mission, Gate of Madness (mission), occurs in the eastern section of this realm.

Outposts & Cities




Shrines and Blessings


  • While in this area you suffer from Depths of Madness, which reduces the effectiveness of healing skills by 15%.

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