Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 16 (25)
AG DemagogueMap
Aurora Glade


The Demagogue is a ruthless military leader among the White Mantle. In the story of the game, players first learn about him after completing the Bloodstone Fen (mission) and slaying Justiciar Hablion. Confessor Dorian swears revenge for Hablion's death and assigns the Demagogue to lead the Mantle forces.

The White Mantle, under the Demagogue's leadership, immediately apply immense pressure on the Shining Blade and chase them throughout the Maguuma Jungle (aided by the betrayal of Markis). The final confrontation with the Demagogue takes place during the Aurora Glade (mission) in which the bonus objective is to slay him.

The Demagogue is also mentioned in the following quests:


Skills used

Normal Mode

Hard Mode

Items dropped



  • A demagogue is a charismatic leader who relies primarily on propaganda and appeals to fear and prejudice in order to maintain popularity.

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