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Deacon of Whispers
Deacon of Whispers
Species: Human
Profession: unknown
Level(s): 20

The Deacon of Whispers is a collector who exchanges an Armbrace of Truth for the elite Tormented weapons.


"These weapons were recovered from the Margonites, but I am afraid their influence began warping the weapons into unnatural forms and corrupting the very steel from which they were forged. I desire to see them turned against those that sought to use them, but these weapons will be dangerous in the hands of those unable to control the power within. I cannot hand them over to just any Lightbringer. If you bring me an Armbrace of Truth from within these realms, I will know you have found one of my fallen brethren and have earned their trust through your deeds."

Collector Items

Deacon of Whispers

Location: Gate of Anguish (location)
Collecting: 1 Armbrace of Truth

Offers the following:

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