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Dark Aura (Deactivating R.O.X.)

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Disambiguous This article is about the Blessing called Dark Aura during Deactivating R.O.X.. For the Skill, see Dark Aura. For the Blessing, see Dark Aura (blessing).
Effect details
Dark Aura
Dark Aura bless
Campaign: Core
Type: Blessing

Grenth's Blessing: whenever you hit with an attack, you steal 5...9 Health from that foe.

Concise: Grenth's Blessing: steal 5...9 Health whenever you hit with an attack.


  • This blessing is available during the quest Deactivating R.O.X., when you tell any of the acolytes to "Pray to Grenth, for power!"
  • The first acolyte praying to Grenth will give 5 life stealing, and each additional acolyte will add another 1.
Acolytes praying to Grenth 1 2 3 4 5
Life stealing 5 6 7 8 9

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