Disambiguous This article is about how damage is defined. For how damage is calculated, see Damage calculation.

Damage in Guild Wars is a way for an attacker to subtract a portion of a defender's health. It results from attacks and a wide variety of skills (most prominently attack skills and offensive spells). Health degeneration, life stealing, sacrifice and "loses health" skill effects (such as Infuse Health or Spoil Victor) do not constitute damage.

When an attacker attempts to damage a target, the following is factored in:

  • The damage type, such as Fire or Blunt. The amount of damage done may vary due to resistances to that specific damage type.
  • For damage that does not ignore armor, the defender's armor and the attacker's level (for caster weapons and spells) or mastery (for martial weapons and pet damage).
  • Bonuses on both sides. An attacker may have bonuses that augment the damage (e.g. Vengeance) and the target may have bonuses that reduce the damage (e.g. Shielding Hands).

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