Crescent Blades
Crescent Blades
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Dagger Mastery
Damage type(s):Slashing damage
PvP reward type: Basic
Common:Iron Ingots
Rare:Steel Ingots


Crescent Blades are an ornate type of daggers that deal Slashing damage. They have crescent-shaped main cutting blades, the tips of which point towards the non-cutting back edge. Three smaller, claw-like blades protrude from this inner, non-cutting edge and extend to the level of the points of the main blade. The handle is decorated with a vine-like design which twines itself along the inner, non-cutting edge and up the three claw-like blades.


Eye of the North expansion - monsters and Locked Chests


Dye affects the entire daggers, dyeing them to the color applied. They are dyed yellow by default.

Crescent Blades colored


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