Count Durheim
Count Durheim
Species: Human
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 10, 20


Count Durheim is a member of House Durheim. He offers players the next primary quest after completion of the Eternal Grove mission.

Quests Given



"House Durheim is most known for its studies of history... our ancestors have left us all with countless epics that must be preserved. We compile, write, and honor the histories of all houses, but of course we have a special reverence for those of House Durheim.
Once, the Durheims were not considered the ablest of warriors, but that perception is going to change." [sic]

Skills Used


  • When encountered during Duel of the Houses, he has the same 'double damage and healing' property as Canthan bosses, but is not technically a boss.
  • When encountered during Duel of the Houses, he uses the same model as Duel Master Vaughn.

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