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Count Archek Brauer
Count Archek Brauer
Species: Human
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 10, 20


Count Archek Brauer is head of House Brauer.

Quests Involved In



Normal response:

"Is it not a beautiful day? Wherever you look, the artistry of the gods shine through, from the wings of the lowliest insect to the graven images that adorn our cathedrals. The question is: can you see this beauty for what it is? Do you wear the eyes of the Kurzicks, or the blinders of the Luxons?"

During the quest Invoking the Saints:

"We have followed House zu Heltzer since before the Jade Wind washed over the forest. The houses united shall be a glorious sight to behold. Lyssa will be pleased. I give you this invocation of Saint Perahta, the most revered ancestor of House Brauer, to show our dedication to House zu Heltzer."

Skills Used


  • When encountered during Duel of the Houses, Lord Brauer has the same 'double damage and healing' property as Canthan bosses, but is not technically a boss.
  • When encountered during Duel of the Houses, Lord Brauer uses the same model as a Kurzick Elementalist.

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