(Note: Pure fan fiction. Enjoy.)

In the days of old, Few would use their alliance as a council. (Okay, maybe we could say that some always assumed the masculine in the game... Pure fan fiction by the way, told in third person of course.)

Some would not rotate, unless agreed upon. Usually, they kept in check often using vent or forums... They created their own stories, within this magical story land.

Many had a Council Lead that was always, no matter the spot, in ally. Nominated by the ally and selected by the ally. They are the overhead and voice of not only their guild but all guilds, no matter where they are located in the ally, same with their guild.) They were trusted by all and many called them "King or Queen" of the land. they would claim their halls as castles with names like Quasimodo, Esmeralda, and other far less disney, but more Elvin names... Names found in Forgotten Realms books or Dungeons and Dragons. Few knew that pieces of this game derived from those.

Some had a Support Lead that would answer the calls and be there, when the lead was ill. They often called this person the Mage or Sorcerer. As the lead would be "healed" and back in power... Few tried to over throw this in the "council". Those would be tortured for a while... They would cry at the mercy of the King, "Sir, please no more!" They tried to do speed clears... Some laughed at how this kung fu style was done with story telling involved... It worked, for them... May have taken ages, but they learned... to most... absolutely nothing...

Council Members bickered, pointed fingers, gotten people they didn't like with lies and mockery twists. These were made up of a few guilds leads, but most considered them to be the criers of the townspeople... Almost like saying, "The *opposite side* are coming!" and no one bothered to be "defensive"... They'd only barricade themselves in deeper into their sad void of make believe... Pushing honesty and integrity out the door. Letting hypocritical be their guide... Some got fed up and left, with beliefs that it could be better... Others were tired of this kind of kung fu...

Sadly, some claim it's now in gw2... Thankfully, no longer in this game. See here, kung fu people... This is a warning... Never do a council... it will always fail...

(Pure fan fiction! Believed it, didn't you? )

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