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Corsair Doctor
Corsair Doctor
Species: Human
Profession: Monk
Level(s): 20, 22 (26)


These are monks found among high-level Corsair groups.


Skills Used

Level 20 (Healing)

Level 20 (Protection)

Level 22 (Smiting)

Items dropped


  • Tips for hard mode :
    • In hard mode they will use the Smiting build (same as level 22 above, but level 26)
      • For this reason, Minion Masters are not recommended against them.
    • Because of their use of Balthazar's Pendulum, it is recommended not to choose any build based on knockdowns.
    • Their use of Divine Boon, combined with the inherent effect of Divine Favor means that they can be decent healers, besides being a general nuisance on the battlefield.
    • Reversal of Damage proves to be a good anti-spike. Use health degeneration skills and conditions instead of focusing on big attacks that could be turned against you.
    • The hard mode speed buff enables these monks to run away from damage dealers and yet have enough time to heal and protect their fellow corsairs. Consider bringing strong snares.
    • Smite Hex being a cheap and spammable skill, consider overflowing him with hexes that are cheap, trigger on removal and/or affect multiple foes. Be ready to tank the damage though.
    • And of course, Enchantment removal is strongly recommended

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