Containers are the individual components of a character's inventory storage. All characters begin play with a Backpack, and can easily fill out their inventory with additional containers while in the starting areas of each campaign.

Icon Name Slots Notes
Backpack Backpack 20 Default equipment for new characters.
Cannot be unequipped.
Belt Pouch Belt Pouch 5
Bag Bag 5 Use a Rune of Holding to upgrade to 10 slots.
Each character has 2 bag slots.
Charr Bag Charr Bag 10 Functions as an upgraded Bag
Zehtuka's Pack Zehtuka's Pack 10 Functions as an upgraded Bag
Small Equipment Pack Small Equipment Pack 5 Equipment Packs can only hold armor, costumes, and weapons
that are customized to the character or are not yet customized.
Light Equipment Pack Light Equipment Pack 10
Large Equipment Pack Large Equipment Pack 15
Heavy Equipment Pack Heavy Equipment Pack 20

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