Consular Tronar Ironseer
Consular Tronar Ironseer
Species: Dwarf
Level(s): 10


Consular Tronar Ironseer is a Consular of the Brotherhood of the Dragon. He can be found at the docks south in Droknar's Forge, where the giant ice ships arrive.



"Do not be afraid. I'm sure you have heard the rumors about the Brotherhood of the Dragon, many of which are not so flattering. There are those in the Dwarven community who see our connection to the dragon Glint as blaspheme against the Great Dwarf. But I assure you, our brotherhood is not grounded in the spiritual realm. We are more interested in the... well, practical applications, if you will, of prophecy and the art of prognostication. Please stay awhile. Perhaps you will learn a thing or two."

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