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Command Post
Command Post
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Kourna
Arkjok Ward, Jahai Bluffs,
Sunward Marches, Sunspear Sanctuary,
Turai's Procession
Command Post Map
(click to enlarge)


The Command Post is an underground area connecting the Sunspear Sanctuary to a number of the surrounding locations. It also features smugglers, traders and a number of NPCs.

Getting There

Take the northeast exit in the Sunspear Sanctuary.


Neighboring Areas



Command Post tent

The merchant tent in the command post

Quest NPCs



Merchants and Traders


Other NPCs


Command Post structure

Part of the Command Post

Command Post


  • This area is customizable by the Player. By completing various side quests more npcs are gained, including armor crafters(15k),material traders, dye traders and more.
  • For a party with multiple players, the Heroes present will be only those who are available to all players in the party. However, any Vendor who is available to any player in the party will be present.
  • It is suspected that Margrid's appearance in the Command Post after recruiting Master of Whispers is a bug.

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