Collector Terra
Species: Ghost
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 15


I can't decide who is more pitiful: sweet Gabrian or brutish Corbis. They are as relentless in death as they were in life, and twice as bothersome! At least while they're chasing my trinkets, they're out of my hair.
Speaking of trinkets, why don't you gather 7 Unctuous Remains and bring them to me. I won't give you my heart, but I can offer you one of these items in trade:

Collector Items

Collector Terra

Location: Perdition Rock to the northwest of Ember Light Camp
Collecting: 7 Unctuous Remains

Item Stats Value
Scroll of Hero's Insight For 10 minutes your party gains double XP from combat. 400 Gold (or market value)



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