Cloth of the Brotherhood
Cloth of the Brotherhood
Subtype Reward trophy
Rarity Unique
Value 0 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Eye of the North

Cloths of the Brotherhood are reward trophies used to upgrade the armor of heroes in Guild Wars Eye of the North to the Brotherhood Armor style used by the Brotherhood of the Dragon. All GW:EN heroes may have their armor upgraded.


Talk to Master Armorer Kor in the Central Transfer Chamber to apply a Cloth to a hero's entire armor.

Note: Once you upgrade a hero's armor, you can switch back and forth between existing upgrades and the default, but you cannot recover the Cloth.


  • Lieutenant Thackeray may give this to you in a Paper Wrapped Parcel, as a reward for helping him with preparations for a picnic with Gwen. However, there is only a small chance it will contain a Cloth of the Brotherhood.

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