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City of Torc'qua
City of Torc'qua
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Explorable Area
Part of: Gate of Anguish (explorable)
The Foundry of Failed Creations (north)
Stygian Veil (east)
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General Information

Area Name: City of Torc'qua

Region: Realm of Torment

Outposts & Cities



City of Torc'qua



Boss-like foes

Environment Effect

  • Repressive Energy is a constant environmental effect that makes players lose 2 energy whenever they attack or use a skill (Hard Mode only).


  • The area name City of Torc'qua will not display upon entering the instanced map nor will it display when pressing U for mini map due to the fact that the actual map is called Domain of Anguish with City of Torc'qua only being a subzone.


  • Torc'qua is very similar to Tok'ra, a civilization in the sci-fi series: Stargate SG-1. The goal of the Tok'ra is to destroy creatures claiming to be gods.

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