2010-05-10: Drake Kabobs


Nicholas the Traveler location 20100510

Nick's location this week

Farming locations

Nicholas the Traveler farm 20100510

Suggested farm #3

  • Suggested Farm #1: There are four Irontooth Drake in the Plains of Jarin. Two are located south of Sunspear Great Hall and two are located east of The Astralarium. There is a small distance between these points and running skills are recommended. Low level creatures.
  • Suggested Farm #2: Use the quest Drakes on the Plain in The Floodplain of Mahnkelon. You have to take Koss with you, but if you want to get all the drops, you can flag him off the radar to the south. The first two groups of drakes consist of Irontooths and Steelfangs only.
  • Suggested Farm #3: Enter Issnur Isles from Beknur Harbor, short run to a group of 2-3 Irontooth Drakes.
  • Suggested Farm #4: Enter the Rhilon Refuge mission. Flag Master of Whispers to the north, then run south (do not trigger Dejah). After fighting one group of beetles, you will find two groups consisting of 4 Steelfang Drakes. There is also a third group nearer the waterworks, but you have to run past or kill one or two groups of Kournans.

Threats & recommended skills

  • Threats: general threats like hex, condition, environmental effects etc.
  • Tactics: important tactics, for example pulling, choke points etc
  • Recommended skills: skills like anti-kd, hex removal etc

Solo farming

  • Suggested Solo #1: Spirit spam can farm Drakes on the Plain easily.
  • Suggested Solo #2: 55 work excellent during Drakes on the Plain quest

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