Species: Ghost
Level(s): 20


Chessa, together with Larano and Kane are in Curator Ruras's group from Ascalon in Tyria. Kane, their guide, had gotten lost. Chessa and Larano refused Ruras' request that they go look for him.

Quests Involved In



This dialogue occurs when players reach within range at The Shattered Ravines.

Curator Ruras: If you do not find my guide, you can forget about the money.<p> Chessa: Are you kidding me? If we go out there, we'll never come back either!<p> Larano: Yeah, what he said!<p> Curator Ruras: When we get back to Rin, I am going to make sure the two of you never find decent work again!<p> Chessa: What are you going to do, write me a bad reference? Ha! That's rich!<p>

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