Charrslayer Bow
Charrslayer Bow
Weapon details
Linked Attribute(s): Marksmanship
Damage Type(s): Piercing
Bow Class: Various
Common:  ?
Rare:  ?


The Charrslayer Bows can only be crafted. There are five types of Charrslayer Bows, one corresponding to each of the five bow classes. They follow the naming convention of "Charrslayer <bow type>." They are available from Jonathan Blunt in the Eye of the North (outpost) if you have rank 4 or over (Mysterious Agent) in the Ebon Vanguard Title Track.

Weapon stats



Eye of the North Expansion


The wooden part of the bow will slightly change color when dye is applied. The slight tiger pattern will take color of the dye. Its default dye is Brown. The fur won't change.

Charrslayer Bow colored


  • The Charrslaying mod acts as a Bow Grip. However, it cannot be replaced, like with the other
  • The skin does not act natural under light. Its shadow side is in the light source and its light side is on the shadow side.

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