2009-07-13: Charr Hides


Getting to Nick

Start in Piken Square and leave through the southern exit. You will be in The Breach. By heading directly south following the path you will come to a fork. To the west is a deep valley with tar, to the east the path continues south. You will follow this path all the way to Nicholas the Traveler.

Farming for Charr Hides

The easiest place to farm for them is inside The Breach. When you exit Piken Square there will be several groups within visual range. These groups can easily be solo killed, and then you can rezone to start over. There are only 5 required. This is probably the fastest and easiest desired item yet. For those wanting a bit of a challenge this can be done in Hard Mode. This will make the challenge a bit more fun, and offer a chance of better drops. This will however lower the amount of Charr Hides that drop. If you choose to do this in Hard Mode, and you have Rebel Yell activate it for boost to defense and energy gain.

An alternative farming location is Nolani Academy. Start the mission, activate the lever to open the door and destroy the mob of Charr that rush in, then quit the mission and repeat.

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