All Charr have Charr Carving as their collectable drop. They also all drop Charr Hide, which is a Salvage Item that has a collector. Pre-Searing Charr bosses can drop two other Charr items, the Charr Bag and Charr Salvage Kit.

Location Warrior-icon-small Ranger-icon-small Monk-icon-small Necromancer-icon-small Mesmer-icon-small Elementalist-icon-small
Ascalon Charr Blade Warrior (5/6)
Charr Axe Warrior (6)
Charr Axe Fiend (8)
Charr Blade Storm (8)
Charr Stalker (5/6)
Charr Hunter (8)
Charr Martyr (5)
Charr Overseer (6)
Charr Shaman (7)
Charr Ash Walker (5/6)
Charr Ashen Claw (6/8)
Charr Mind Spark (5/6)
Charr Chaot (8)
Charr Fire Caller (5/6)
Charr Flame Wielder (8)
The Last Day Dawns Charr Axe Lord (24) Charr Stalker Lord (24) Charr Shaman Lord (24) Charr Ashen Lord (24) Charr Mind Lord (24) Charr Flame Lord (24)

Special units:

Eye of the North

Far Shiverpeaks, Charr Homelands Warrior-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small20 Charr Axemaster

Warrior-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small20 Charr Blademaster
Warrior-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small20 Charr Bladestorm
Warrior-icon-smallAssassin-icon-small20 Charr Shadowblade
Ranger-icon-small20 Charr Sentry
Ranger-icon-smallElementalist-icon-small20 Charr Seeker
Monk-icon-smallMesmer-icon-small20 Charr Prophet
Monk-icon-smallParagon-icon-small20 Charr Mender
Necromancer-icon-smallRitualist-icon-small20 Charr Hexreaper
Mesmer-icon-smallMonk-icon-small20 Charr Dominator
Elementalist-icon-small20 Charr Wardkeeper
Elementalist-icon-smallMonk-icon-small20 Charr Flameshielder
Ritualist-icon-small20 Charr Avenger

Superb Charr Carving

Special units:


  • There exists Elementalist-icon-small28 Charr Hunter Beasts, summoned by Charr Sentry, and Elementalist-icon-small28 Charr Effigies. However, the Hunter Beast is a type of Elemental, not Charr, and the type of the Effigy is unknown.
  • Many of the Charr builds used by the Charr in Eye of the north are reminiscent of popular PvP builds from the game's history. Because these builds were designed specifically to be powerful against human opponents, these Charr are more deadly than their brethren in other campaigns.

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