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Chaos Gloves
Profession: Common Common-icon
Campaign: Eye of the North
Dust, Ecto


Chaos Gloves F clipping

Underwater clipping

Chaos Gloves are a set of gloves for all professions, available in the Eye of the North expansion. The glowing aura effect resembles the Chaos Axe; however, the chaos gloves dye normally, unlike the irregular dye pattern of the Chaos Axe. Mesmer Chaos Gloves stop at the wrist, just like other Mesmer gloves.

Clipping Clipping issues: These gloves disappear underwater and reveal cone-shaped stubs instead of arms.


Chaos Gloves black

Alternatives to black dye

  • Black and, to a lesser extent, silver act to dim the glow. While the color of the arm does not change, the distance of the colored aura from the arm is decreased.
    • Thus black or silver dye can be used in conjunction with blue and purple to create a blacklight effect.
    • The most realistic combination would be 2 black + 1 blue + 1 purple.
    • A more striking (and significantly cheaper!) option is 1 blue + 3 purple.


Location Crafter Armor Gold Materials
Central Transfer Chamber Gobrech Stonefoot* max 10 Platinum 250 Pile of Glittering Dust 75 Glob of Ectoplasm

*You must have at least rank 5 in the Deldrimor Title Track to craft armor from Gobrech.

Female Chaos Gloves gallery

Click on any of the pictures to see the fullsize version.


Chaos Gloves F gray front Chaos Gloves F gray back Chaos Gloves F gray side
Front Back Profile

Colorable areas

Dyed yellow

Chaos Gloves F dyed front Chaos Gloves F dyed back Chaos Gloves F dyed side
Front Back Profile


These gloves look different on female Mesmers:

Chaos Gloves Mesmer F

Male Chaos Gloves gallery

Click on any of the pictures to see the fullsize version.


Chaos Gloves M gray front Chaos Gloves M gray back Chaos Gloves M gray side
Front Back Profile

Colorable areas

Dyed purple

Chaos Gloves M dyed front Chaos Gloves M dyed back Chaos Gloves M dyed side
Front Back Profile


On mesmers, the gloves only cover the hands, like most mesmer glove components.

Mesmer Chaos Gloves M front

Dye Chart

Chaos Gloves dye chart


Chaos Gloves postprocessing

Top: Without PPE
Bottom: With PPE

  • These gloves' look varies depending on your post-process effects settings, since part of the glow is generated through post-processing.

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