Central Transfer Chamber
Central Transfer Chamber
Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Outpost
Part of: Depths of Tyria


Polestar to the vast wheel of Asura Gates, the Central Transfer Chamber is a magical and architectural marvel constructed atop a major pocket of magical energy. The Asura channel that raw power to fuel all the gates in the network and link them together via this great crossroad of transport. Most of the major gates across Tyria lead to this location.

Getting there

You must have completed the quest Destruction's Depths to access this outpost. It is possible to join someone with Destruction's Depths, without having the Quest yourself, and enter the Central Transfer Chamber.




Henchmen (level 20)

Merchants and Traders


Other NPCs



Bug Bug! For users with less-powerful graphics cards, entering the Central Transfer Chamber may result in graphics errors that will cause Guild Wars to shut down. A workaround for this and similar graphics bugs is to enter full screen mode and minimize the Guild Wars window when the loading screen appears, then restore the window after ~10 seconds.

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