Bill, a Tyrian bull

Tyrian cattle

Several of these cattle can be found in Bergen Hot Springs and there is one located in Gadd's Encampment. One bull of this type, Bill, can be found in Pre-Searing Ascalon until completion of the quest A Mesmer's Burden.

Water Buffalo

Cattle in Sunqua Vale

Canthan cattle

Found roaming Shing Jea Island, these large cow-like beasts are untargetable, cannot be tamed, but do body block the player. Sometimes, very rarely they turn hostile when hurt by AoE damage.

Unlike other large beasts such as Dolyaks found stationary in explorable areas, these animals move in apparently random grazing patterns.

There is also a cow next to the dog outside of Kaineng Center.

Targetable cows with the same appearance can be seen in Marga Coast in Guild Wars Nightfall.


  • The Tyrian cattle resemble highland cattle, but with larger horns and a prominent hump.
  • Given the Asian theme of Factions and their distinctive appearance, the cattle of Shing Jea Island are most likely Carabaos, an Asian sub-species of Water Buffalos.
  • The cattle on Shing Jea Island can drop event items when killed (with AoE attacks) upon which Guild Wars identifies the species as Water Buffalo.

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