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Captain Grumby
Captain Grumby
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Captain Grumby is the captain of the ferry from Perdition Rock to the Ring of Fire. He can be found by a pier at the westernmost tip of the island. He was forbidden by the White Mantle from ferrying anyone across to the Ring of Fire.

Quests Involved In



  • When spoken to in Perdition Rock:
"Ahoy, there! I am Captain Grumby. Not that I am proud of it, but the Mantle pay the coin to keep my mouth shut and my boat docked unless they say otherwise.
What can I help you with?"
  • Once the Inner Council have been defeated during the Final Blow quest:
"I'm impressed! You destroyed the inner council like you were swatting a fly! Your bravery inspires me. I'll accept no more of the Mantle's coin"
  • When "Take me to the Ring of Fire Island Chain" is selected:
"I couldn't! They would burn my home and stuff my spirit in one of those evil statues!"
  • When "Help us and we will make sure you aren't harmed." is selected:
"Well you did just kill all three of the inner council without so much as breaking a sweat. You've changed my mind! I'll serve the White Mantle no longer! Let me know when you want to go."


  • Captain Grumby may be named after Jonas Grumby, the 'Skipper' of Gilligans Isle Television Show.

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