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Canthan Targe
Cathan Targe
Shield details
Attribute(s) Tactics,
Axe Mastery
Common none
Rare none

The Canthan Targe is a particularly rare shield, only available to people who pre-ordered the original Guild Wars from Best Buy. Each character created on an account with a pre-order key spawns with a Targe, and an accidentally deleted Targe can be respawned by typing /preorder or /presale, /bonus will also work. However, the Targe is customized, and cannot even be shown in the trade window.

Shield Stats



  • Some people jokingly refer to it as the "Captain America shield" because of its slight resemblance to the shield of the superhero.
  • Inventory Icon: Cathan Targe
Preorder items
GW:EN : Glacial BladeDarksteel LongbowHourglass Staff

GW:NF : SoulbreakerSunspear
GW:F : Dragon FangsSpiritbinder
GW:P : Canthan TargeBone IdolIthas BowChimeric PrismWar PickCensor's Icon

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