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This buried corpse appears in Lion's Arch and Kamadan, Jewel of Istan during Halloween festivals. It will speak a random line of dialogue when stepped on.



The buried corpse in Lion's Arch.


The buried corpse in Kamadan.


  • "While I'm sure you find this terribly amusing, <character name>, getting walked on isn't exactly my idea of a good time."
  • "I've been laying out here rotting all day and no one seems to care."
  • "<character name>, before you walk on me, at least have the courtesy to clean your boots! You've stepped in moa droppings!"
  • "Do me a favor, <character name>, and chase away some of these flies, will you?"
  • "Hello! Corpse here, <character name>! Mind where you step."
  • "What is that horrid smell?! Oh...I suppose it's me, isn't it? How embarrassing...."
  • "Hey <character name>, do me a favor and keep the dogs away. I don't want to lose any appendages!"
  • "A bird flew off with one of my fingers a while ago...let me know if you see it anywhere."
  • "Ow! Get off me!"
  • "Watch it <character name>, that's my hand your stepping on!"
  • "Would you people stop walking on me? Do I look like a door mat?"
  • "I'd rather be fishing."
  • "Excuse me, <character name>...have some common courtesy, would you? It's not as if I can get out of the way.

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