Species: Human
Level(s): 1, 8
Bryan location

Location in Bukdek Byway


Bryan apparently fled for Cantha with his family when the Charr invaded Ascalon. When the plague struck Cantha, he lost his wife and children. His greatest desire now is to return to Ascalon.

In Wintersday 2005, Bryan expected something extra special under his tree.

Quests Given



During Wintersday:

"Everyone gets gifts for Wintersday. It's tradition. This year, I'm hoping for something extra special..."

In Bukdek Byway:

"My life is one disaster after another; first the Charr in Ascalon, then the plague here in Cantha."


  • Although the dialogue and quest would indicate that the Bryan during the Wintersday event and the Bryan in Cantha are intended to be the same person, his appearance in Cantha clearly has a different look (looking like a Krytan).
  • If you have the quest Chasing Zenmai active, Bryan will still appear in Bukdek Byway beside Zenmai, and engage the Am Fah. He will most likely die in the fight as it is rather difficult to keep him alive in the ambush. It is easiest to take his quest when you do not have the Chasing Zenmai quest active.

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