Location: Kaineng City
Entry via: Random Arenas/Codex Arena
Max. Level: 20
Team Size: 4
Objective: Annihilate the opposing team. (Obelisk Annihilation)


Brawler's Pit is a PvP arena, accessible by fighting in the Codex Arena and/or Random Arenas. It is set in Kaineng City, visible to Factions players on their maps as an unreachable area east of Bejunkan Pier and north of Raisu Pavilion. The arena is on the docks of the city, with the two spawn points behind closed gates. The middle area, where battles usually take place, is open. Finally, there is a path that runs around the flagstand platform.

There is an Obelisk Flag Stand in the raised middle part of the map between the two spawn points of the team. Bringing your team's flag to the obelisk earns control of the tower, which will then randomly shoot Fireballs at the opposing party. This mechanism is identical to the one used in Heroes' Crypt, although the Obelisk there fires Obelisk Lightning.

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