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"Bookah" is an Asuran phrase that is used to refer to all non-Asuran creatures, and not, as some suspect, specifically to Humans. It typically denotes inferiority, and is often used in a condescending manner. It is also the name of loud, bellowing, make-believe monsters that Asura parents created to scare children.


  • In Polish language version word "bookah" is translated as "fajtłapa", which is an insult similar to English "fumbler"
  • The Asuran pronunciation of "bookah" sounds very similar to the Japanese word for one's subordinates.
  • In Russian language a word "bookah" means the same as Asuran. Also a localize firm of Guild Wars in Russia carries that name, and pronounced similarly.
  • In Italian language version word "bookah" is translated as "Babau", the name of the make-believe monster that scares children in Italian folklore.
  • The Bengali word "boka" which has similar pronunciation to bookah is translated to "stupid" or "idiot" in English.

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