Bone Dragon Staff
Bone Dragon Staff
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):All caster
Damage type(s):Varies


Bone Dragon Staves are an exceptionally rare type of staff, commonly abbreviated as "BDS." They are quite large and are topped with what resembles the skull of a dragon with three rows of ribs encircling a fleshy heart. The staff is animated with droplets of blood appearing to flow over the heart.

Bone Dragon Staff head

A profile of the head of the staff.


Eye of the North expansion


Dye affects everything except for the heart. The wooden areas dye to the color applied and the bones are tinted darker or lighter depending on the color applied.

BDS Dye Chart


  • The design of this weapon is based on one of the winning entries in ArenaNet's second Design-a-Weapon Contest which ran in 2007. It was designed by Rebecca Sinclair.

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