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2010-02-15: Bone Charms


Nicholas the Traveler location 20100215

Nick's location this week

Farming locations

  • Suggested Farm #1: Exit Zos Shivros Channel Channel into Boreas Seabed, just north of the exit around the ship are 3 groups of outcasts. Each of the 3 groups can be separately pulled close enough to the shrine to get some NPC Warrior and Priest assistance.
  • Suggested Farm #2: Rhea's Crater
  • Suggested Farm #3: Exit Seafarer's Rest into Silent Surf, just west of the res shrine and then north under the bridge. These groups are hostile to other mobs as well.

Threats & recommended skills

  • Threats: Stance and Enchantment removal.
  • Tactics: important tactics, for example pulling, choke points etc
  • Recommended skills: skills like anti-kd, hex removal etc

Solo farming

Spirit spammer works on the group of 4 outcast right outside the entrance to the Aurios Mines, as well as just north of Zos Shivros Channel in Boreas Seabed.

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