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Bohdalz the Furious
Bohdalz the Furious
Species: Heket
Profession: Ritualist
Level(s): 28 (30)
Bohdalz the Furious Map
Location from
the Kodash Bazaar
Location from
Yahnur Market
Unmerciful AltRoute2a
Location from
Chantry of Secrets


Bohdalz the Furious is a ritualist Heket boss that can be found in Vehtendi Valley.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • Getting to him is probably easiest departing from the Kodash Bazaar; the groups are managable and you can avoid the dangerous area to the south.
  • This boss does not spawn if you have the quest Rally The Princes active in your quest log.
  • Watch out for Spirit Rift, as it can do an enormous amount of damage to a closely packed team.
  • Due to the closeness of the heket mobs in the area, careful pulling is essential.

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