2009-07-27: Herrings


Getting to Nick

The fastest route to Nick starts from Fishermen's Haven heading northwest through Stingray Strand into Tears of the Fallen, west along the border to the nearby portal into Twin Serpent Lakes and hugging the east border until you reach Nick. An alternative route starts in Riverside Province; it takes a longer path to Nick, but has the advantage of passing by Gruhn to exchange fins for herring. Start from Riverside, stay left until you reach Gruhn, then cut across the zone to reach Nick. Whichever route you take, be prepared to deal with conditions and hexes; bring hex and condition removal.

Farming for Herring

As noted above, you must collect Bog Skale Fins, exchange them with Gruhn for Herring before visiting Nick. The fins drop from 3 types of skale and can be found in nearly a dozen zones across Kryta, allowing for any number of possible farming areas. Regardless of where you farm, you will have to deal with the Disease, Poison, and Corpse exploitation of these necromantic casters. Be sure to bring plenty of Hex and Condition removal. The enemies in these areas tend to bunch up (especially if you pull them), so they are vulnerable to AoE damage. Although not essential, Interrupts and fire damage can also help.


Farm #1: Scoundrel's Rise near North Kryta Province

Begin at the Gates of Kryta and head west towards North Kryta (red dots). Just before you reach the portal, head south to a small cul-de-sac (yellow circle) where some skale are waiting for you to farm. Use the NKP portal to rezone and repeat.
Exit Riverside Province into Twin Serpent Lakes. Just outside the exit is a group of Bog Skale Icetooth and Mergoyle. This is a faster area to farm, but slightly more dangerous. It makes up for this by allowing a group of 6 to zone in and out quickly killing and then zoning. It also brings you close to Gruhn and Nick.
Exit Fishermen's Haven heading northwest through Stingray Strand to Tears of the Fallen. Circle the zone counterclockwise and attack red dots wherever you find them, as about 55 of the 5 dozen foes are skale. Rezone into the Strand or Twin Serpent Lakes (the portals are close). A party of four should see 3-5 bog skale fins drop per run and each run takes about 5-10 minutes; even non-veterans should be able to collect 25 fins quickly.

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