Species: Asura
Profession: Polymock
Level(s): 20


Polymock player. Involved in the quest Polymock: Defeat Blarp

Blarp's pieces are clearly superior to any you may have earned through the quest progression, making this a very difficult fight. It is helpful to wait 30 seconds if the Ice Elemental kills one of your pieces so its defensive spell wears off, and against the Fire Elemental, block the extremely dangerous Rodgort's Invocation at all costs.



"Are you ready to face me? The others here are like pawns compared to my kingly knowledge of Polymock and the elemental pieces. Prepare to be awed by a true master."



  • Blarp will always use his pieces in the following order: Earth Elemental, Ice Elemental, and Fire Elemental.
  • See Polymock: Defeat Blarp, on hints how to defeat him.

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