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Blankets for the Settlers Map

Quest map


  1. Go to Nebo Village with the militia weapons. Talk to Etham the Artisan and trade the weapons for blankets.
  2. Take the blankets to Captain Greywind.

Obtained from

Captain Greywind in North Kryta Province




Piercing damage 13-25 (req. 6 Marksmanship)
Damage +10% (while in a stance)
Reduces physical damage by 2 (while in a stance)


"I have arranged to open trade with Nebo Village to the west. They are renowned for their weaving, and my people here are short on many cloth goods, such as blankets. Their village has, of late, been subject to numerous predations by bandits and while we cannot spare guards, our passage across the mountains was costly enough that we have weapons to spare.
Can you take this stash of weapons and trade them to Ethan the artisan in Nebo Village?"

Intermediate Dialogue (Etham the Artisan)

"Ah, yes. I have been expecting you. I hope this is the beginning of much fruitful trade between the Ascalon Settlement and our village."

Reward Dialogue

"These blankets will be put to good use. Thank you for securing them."


A sample path to the Ascalon Settlement from Lion's Arch is shown on the map. Completing either the Merchant's Plea or The Ascalon Settlement quests will also bring you to the Settlement.

Take the weapons from Captain Greywind (1 on the map), walk over to Etham the Artisan (2 on the map) in Nebo Village (which is just across the nearest zone line to the west) who will give you some blankets. Return to Greywind with the blankets for your reward.

The quest can be completed without even fighting, providing you have not immediately completed The Last Hog quest, as this may have left some Gypsie Ettins in the entrance to Nebo Terrace.


  • This quest can be completed at the same time as The Weaver of Nebo.
  • Even though this bow is named Longbow, it actually has the characteristics of a Hornbow.
  • If you have Defend North Kryta province(vision of Glint quest) Captain Greywind will not be in the settlement, making it so you can not give him the blanket's.

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