Bladed Aatxe
Species: Nightmare
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 29 (32)


These black, red-eyed, minotaur-like creatures are some of the harder-hitting melee fighters in the game. They are known to deal up to around 300 damage with a single hit to all low-armor classes.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • Bladed Aatxes have approximately 1150 health and have a natural 3 pip health regeneration.
  • The best way to fight them is to impair their damage dealing capacity by blinding, weakening, or crippling them and attacking from a distance. Alternatively, Protection spells can also be effective (e.g. Protective Spirit).
  • Many players find Aatxes to be one of the easiest monsters in the Underworld to trap: they are melee range foes that will follow pulls for long distances.
  • The Ecto drop rate for Aaxtxes is approximately 4%.


  • The name (pronounced ah-che) comes from Basque mythology, where an Aatxe is a spirit in the form of a bull that haunts caves.



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