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Black Widow
Black Widow
Species: Animal
Profession: Pet
Level(s): 20

Black Widows are charmable animals whose natural habitat is the Underworld. They are one of the few pets that can be charmed in a fully evolved state.



Three level 20 Black Widows will spawn upon completion of The Nightman Cometh quest. One level 20 Black Widow with a random evolution spawns after completing each of the following quests:

  • Black Widows in the wild are always level 20. If you want a particular evolution, you have two choices:
    • Make multiple runs, until you find one with the desired evolution.
    • Charm the first spider you find, release it at the menagerie, and then death level an L5 widow.
  • The widow that spawns near Ashlyn Spiderfriend cannot be charmed by players or heroes; she uses a version of Charm Animal without an activation time, which means there is no way to prevent her from charming it first.

Items dropped

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