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Binding Guardian
Binding Guardian
Species: Spirit
Profession: Monk
Level(s): 24 (26 in hard mode)


Binding Guardians are the spirits that bind Razah to the Heart of Abaddon.


Skill used


  • Binding Spirits were renamed to or replaced with Binding Guardians in the April 5th, 2007 update.
  • Binding Guardians have fairly high armor.
  • Their Healing Prayers attribute is at level 15.
  • Their Divine Favor attribute is at level 15.
  • They are initially friendly and will cast their spells on either team, similar to Danika during the Raisu Palace mission.
  • After you have talked to Razah in the Heart of Abaddon, they will turn hostile on your team. They have a lot of Health, but they will stop casting their healing spells and their attacks deal no damage, so they are safe to ignore.
  • Their attacks do, however, trigger Painful Bond.
  • Binding Guardians do not appear to drop loot.
  • Binding Guardians have continuous Health regeneration.
  • Unlike most spirits, Binding Guardians are vulnerable to the Deep Wound condition.
  • If you use Gaze of Fury before you talk to Razah you can avoid having to kill them later and avoid their spawns.
  • If you use Signet of Binding after you talk to Razah you can bind them to you.

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