2009-08-10: Behemoth Hides


Getting to Nick

Nicholas the Traveler is a near-straight shot east of Dzagonur Bastion (location). From Dzagonur Bastion (location) take the exit into Wilderness of Bahdza. Continue east and you will come to a small path between two large mountains. Nick is located just on the other side. There will be a group of Skree and Heket around him.

Farming for Behemoth Hides


1st farming location for Behemoth Hides


2nd farming location for Behemoth Hides

A route similar to the one used to get to Nick can be used to farm the hides required. On the map given, the blue dots represent groups usually consisting of 1 Behemoth Gravebane and 2 Scytheclaw Behemoths. The third blue dot is a group of several Behemoths including the boss Eshekibeh Longneck. The behemoth groups alone should not pose a challenge to a well balanced group. The Scytheclaw Behemoths have a few dangerous dervish attacks, but the damage can easily be mitigated by spreading out. The Behemoth Gravebanes use the spell Toxic Chill, but otherwise are not a very serious threat. They can create a minion and use the minion to heal themselves, therefore it is better to kill them first, then finish off the Scytheclaw Behemoths. The boss groups require some pulling, and it is advisable to eliminate the group of Heket and Skree close to them before engaging the group.

Another route that uses the 2nd map is starting from Jennur's Horde (location). Take the exit into Vehjin Mines. Continue along the path given. There will be groups of Behemoth Gravebane, and mixed groups. The Dervish boss Marobeh Sharptail is along the path. This route has many more groups of behemoths than the first one listed. Because of this it is much easier for a group to get over run. Another danger is pulling more than one group at a time. The groups at some points are so close to each other it is easy to pull 2 or 3 groups at once. This can easily get an entire group killed.

Solo Farming

For solo farming a 600/smite build will work because there is no enchant removal from the Behemoth. A Shadow Form sin can also farm them. The only danger to the SF is from the Scytheclaw Behemoth's AoE damage, so a regen skill is advised.

In addition, a 130 dervish utilizing Avatar of Grenth can also do the run without too much difficulty.

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