Beacon's Perch
Beacon's Perch
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Outpost
Part of: Northern Shiverpeaks
Deldrimor Bowl, Lornar's Pass


Named for the legendary Dwarven warrior who single-handedly held off the great Hill Giant invasion of 534 A.E., Beacon's Perch runs north and south through the Shiverpeak Mountains. Today, this treacherous pass is patrolled by the Stone Summit, and as such is considered hostile to human travelers.

Getting there

Complete the Frost Gate mission. Alternatively, head south from Ice Tooth Cave and through to southeastern end of Deldrimor Bowl.

Foreign characters will have to travel "backwards" from Lion's Arch, passing through the following areas: North Kryta ProvinceScoundrel's RiseGriffon's MouthDeldrimor Bowl.




Beacon's Perch


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