Basic Info
Campaign: Eye of the North
Type: Explorable area
Part of: Depths of Tyria
Varajar Fells,
Ice Cliff Chasms,
Heart of the Shiverpeaks,
Central Transfer Chamber
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The Battledepths is an underground explorable area. It can be entered from the Ice Cliff Chasms through a portal almost due west of the Eye of the North, or through a portal in the southeast corner of Varajar Fells. The main chamber in the center of the northern part of the map contains a number of Dwarven quest NPCs. There is a dungeon, Heart of the Shiverpeaks, accessible from the southwest corner of the area. Once that dungeon has been completed through the quest Destruction's Depths, a new outpost will appear, the Central Transfer Chamber, which opens directly into the main chamber.


Explorable areas








  • There are barrels scattered throughout the Battledepths, upon touching they can do a number of things:
    • Explode for 100 damage.
    • Release one of the Oozes mentioned above.
    • Drop a random piece of loot.
  • Before the mappable Central Transfer Chamber is located, the Battledepths can be reached via portals from the Ice Cliff Chasms and Varajar Fells. The route from Eye of the North to the Battledepths entrance has no foes. From that entrance to the main chamber, there are 5 groups of two Whirling Wisps, and one of 4 Chilling Wisps (the drakes can be bypassed). The route in Varajar Fells does have foes, and then its portal opens directly into the chamber.
  • The portal from Ice Cliff Chasms is not open until you have talked to Gwen.

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