Battle Priest Calibos
Battle Priest Calibos
Species: Human
Profession: Monk
Level(s): 24


Battle Priest Calibos is the NPC you must defend in the Zos Shivros Channel Challenge Mission. While waiting for the mission to begin, he will perform various emotes, such as the male Warrior dance. He will cast beneficial spells on your party to aid you in your defense of him as he calls waves of enemies to arrive at his location.


Skills used


"Greetings whelp! So you wish to prove yourself worthy of being a Luxon, do you? If you have the stomach for it, I have the answer for you. For generations, we Battle Priests have brought young Luxons to this place to undergo the rights of adulthood. It is a simple affair. I use my powers to summon hostile creatures from afar. These creatures are enraged at being summoned , and they seek to kill me. All you have to to do is keep me alive for as long as you can."


Idle quotes:

"Now we shall see what you are made of! Remember, keep me alive for as long as you are able."
"Through strength we gain power, through power we gain strength. May these young Luxons know the truth of these words today and always."

Battle quotes:

"A hundred waves will eventually wear down even the hardest stone."
"It's a good day to die!"
"Now let us see what you are made of!"
"Save some for me!"
"We die now with honor!"

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