Basalt Grotto
Basalt Grotto
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Outpost
Part of: Vabbi
Joko's Domain,

Vehjin Mines

Basalt Grotto Location

Location from Bone Palace


It has been long-rumored that there exists a safe passage between the Desolation and Vabbi, a passage discovered and used to brutal effect by Palawa Joko when he invaded. The winding passages of the grotto are known to but few, who guard that knowledge jealously, out of fear or greed.

Getting there

From Jennur's Horde, travel in a generally northwestern direction across Vehjin Mines.

Alternatively, from the Remains of Sahlahja or the Bone Palace, travel to the northeastern corner of Joko's Domain. Be sure to use the Junundu to get across the sulfurous wastes.





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