Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Bartholos is a commander in the Shining Blade.



  • Epilogue - "There is no way we can lose the fight with heroes like you around. There is much for the Shining Blade to do before Kryta is once again at peace, but we will find a way."
"Well met, friends. Here you see what is left of the Shining Blade, but new recruits are coming in all the time to bolster our numbers. We expect the Lionguard to join the fight as well when the Princess travels to Lion's Arch."
"Aren't you concerned about having so many important people in one place?"
"We have spies embedded deep within the White Mantle, so we know what they know - and they do not know about this camp. I aim to keep it that way."

Quests Given


In Kryta he wields another weapon set than at Gadd's Encampment.

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