Baroness Attia Vasburg
Baroness Attia Vasburg
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 10, 20


Baroness Attia Vasburg is the leader of House Vasburg, which is one of the five Great Houses of the Kurzicks. She is level 10 as an NPC and level 20 as an opponent in the Duel of the Houses quest.

Quests Involved In



Normal dialogue:

"Battle is the most magnificent of all the gods' creations, and House Vasburg contains the greatest warriors of the Kurzicks. Balthazar teaches us that when blood is shed, it must be shed in a way that honors the gods, or it must not be shed at all. There is a grace and dignity in combat, a dance of bloodshed. Do you seek our counsel?"

Her response during the Invoking the Saints quest:

"Count zu Heltzer wants the houses united against Shiro? We would not be true Kurzicks if we stood by and let our nation fall prey to the Destroyer. Of course we'll follow the count's wishes, Balthazar demands nothing less of us. Take this invocation of House Vasburg's holiest ancestor, Saint Anjeka, as a symbol of our allegiance to House zu Heltzer."

Skills Used


  • When encountered during Duel of the Houses, Baroness Vasburg has the same 'double damage and healing' property as Canthan bosses, but is not technically a boss.

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