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Bandits are human thugs that waylay the countryside in the human kingdoms of Tyria.

Known Sub-Types

Region Type Collectable Drop
Pre-Searing Ascalon NA-icon-small2 Bandit Raider
NA-icon-small3 Bandit Blood Sworn
Elementalist-icon-small1 Bandit Firestarter
Worn Belt
Post-Searing Ascalon NA-icon-small3 Bandit
Elementalist-icon-small3 Renegade
Elementalist-icon-small3 Renegade Elementalist
Rawhide Belt
Kryta Warrior-icon-small11(24) Bandit Leather Belt


Bandits are the only hostile characters other than bosses that use a playable skin i.e they use the Male elementalist skin

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